Development blog with annotations, links, images and anything I find interesting.

Hello World

My name is Ricardo Vegas, I’m a software engineer with lots and lots of curiosity, I’m an enthusiast in new technologies, futurism and general geekdom. I don’t have an amazing portfolio but I do like to meddle, hack and learn with anything I work with. So I finally decided to start my own 'Dev Journal', to call it somehow since, I’ve always wanted to share bits of information and experiences I come accross with when I’m building a new application or simply investigating new tools I find on the internet.

I’m mainly focused on Web Development and I found this really nifty tool to help me set up this site, it’s called HubPress and it’s only a beta still but so far it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. This page is hosted in GitHub thanks to its Github Pages project. I will give a shotout to my colleague jpo for introducing me to all these resources.

Setting everything up was fairly easy and it’s well documentend in the repositories. Thanks for reading and good luck!